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    NYS Should enforce the crack down of unlicense cctv installer in ny .
  • Tuesday, April 03, 2012 12:23 PM | Michele Glasser
    Contact: Joyce Essig | 800.237.2041, ext. 10439 |

     April 02, 2012

    Crestron Opens New Distribution Center in Orangeburg, NY

    New Warehouse Facility to Support Growth

    Crestron today announced the opening of its newest facility, a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center in Orangeburg, NY. Located just a few miles from its world headquarters in Rockleigh, NJ, the 100,000 square foot facility doubles the size of the previous warehouse space in Carlstadt, NJ. Ground-breaking on the newly constructed building began in August, 2011.

     "Crestron's continued growth has made it necessary to build a larger warehouse to meet the increasing supply demands of our customers," said Randy Klein, Crestron Executive Vice President. "The new facility enables us to increase inventory levels so orders can be fulfilled much quicker and our dealers can complete their jobs quicker. This is another example of how we continue to reinvest back into the company to exceed our customers' delivery expectations."

     Featuring three wire-guided turret truck lifts and a new warehouse management software system, the new logistics hub is located just six miles from the Rockleigh manufacturing facilities. SAP Warehouse Management software will help optimize warehouse activities such as inbound and outbound processing, facility management, storage, and physical inventory counts.

     As of April 3rd, all customer pickups will move from Carlstadt to Orangeburg. 

    This is the third new facility Crestron has opened in the last half year. The newest Crestron Experience Center in Cypress, CA, opened last month and the Crestron Design Showroom at the NYC D&D Building opened in October 2011.

     In addition to 80 worldwide sales & support offices, Crestron now owns six major facilities on or around its corporate headquarters campus, including corporate offices, the Crestron Research Center and two manufacturing plants.
    Crestron Distribution Center Address: 
    88 Ramland Road 
    Orangeburg, NY 10962 

    Pickup Hours:
     Monday through Friday - 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

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    About Crestron 

    For more than 40 years Crestron has been the world's leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology and reinventing the way people live and work. Providing integrated solutions to control audio, video, lighting, computer, IP and environmental systems, Crestron streamlines technology, improving the quality of life for people in corporate conference rooms, hotels, classrooms, auditoriums, and in their homes. Crestron's leadership stems from its dedicated people who are committed to providing the best products, programs and services in the industry. In addition to its World Headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey, Crestron has sales and support offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia. Discover the world of Crestron by visiting
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    ©2012 Crestron Electronics, Inc. 
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    The Worker Classification webinar  will present information about worker classification issues and the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program including:

    • Worker classification definitions
    • Categories of evidence to consider in determining a worker’s status
    • Form SS-8 and Form 8919
    • Treatment of corporate officers
    • Section 530 relief
    • Details about the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program
  • Monday, March 19, 2012 12:36 PM | Michele Glasser
    High momentum for Z-Wave at CeBIT 2012
    (Mar 16, 2012)
    The open manufacturing consortium Z-Wave Alliance can reflect positively on CeBIT 2012. In their presentations Alliance members Fibaro, Eminent, NorthQ (together with the Danish electricity provider Dong Energy), Greenwave Reality, Cuculus, Zoneoff and demonstrated current trends, developments, home control products and solutions. Furthermore, the network specialist ZyXEL presented its new home automation solution, “Home Smart Home”. In addition, the application opportunities that Z-Wave offers were topics in CeBIT’s specialist forum Smart Home. In a lecture during this forum, Mark Walters, Chairman of Z-Wave Alliance, gave an introduction to the subject “Home Automation with Z-Wave”. 

    At CeBIT 2012 Z-Wave had a string of good news to report, including the announcement of the 600th certified Z-Wave device. Of particular importance to visitors was the Z-Wave principle that all certified Z-Wave products must be interoperable. This allows customers to be sure that all devices can communicate with each other, regardless of the manufacturer that developed them or the year that they were produced. In this way, customers are not dependent on one individual manufacturer, giving them the freedom to combine at will the Z-Wave solutions on the market that are most appropriate for them. A Z-Wave network can thus be constructed with products from different technical areas. Amongst other products presented by the Alliance at CeBIT were IP Gateways, through which Z-Wave equipment is connected to the Internet, and the new cloud solution, Z-Cloud, with which the individual Smart Home can even be remotely managed online. 

    “Home Smart Home” 
    Even the new, OSGi platform-based “Home Smart Home” solution by network specialist ZyXEL works with Z-Wave. This allows the user to control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc., using their PC, tablet PC or Smartphone. Additionally, “Home Smart Home” makes it possible to design entire home automation scenarios according to the user’s requirements. 

    “As one of the first network solution providers we’ve succeeded in bringing a Z-Wave based home automation solution onto the market. With Z-Wave we have the benefit of a recognised home automation standard, which can be used flexibly and is simple and straightforward in its operation”, explains Claus Uellendall, Director of the Technical Competence Center Europe at ZyXEL. “House and apartment owners are increasingly seeking solutions that simplify the control of electronic devices at home and that are, above all, more efficiently designed. With the development of the ‘Home Smart Home’ and as a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, we are doing our part to achieve this.” 

    Mark Walters, Chairman of Z-Wave Alliance, adds: “The high market potential and value that Z-Wave offers telecommunication companies, service providers, smart energy and AAL suppliers, for instance, are significant factors in the high momentum of Z-Wave in these areas. The continuously growing number of Z-Wave devices also testifies to the fact that comfortable and, above all, energy-saving control of appliances within the home network is increasingly arousing consumer interest. The certification of the 600th product and cooperation with recognised manufacturers, such as ZyXEL, Verizon, Danfoss, Dong Energy etc. are additional milestones in the Z-Wave success story.” 

    Certified products can be recognised by the Z-Wave logo on the packaging. For further information please visit or  The Alliance is presenting additional Z-Wave products at the Light & Building Trade Fair in Frankfurt from 15th April. 

    About Z-Wave: 
    Z-Wave® is the first technology to bring affordable, reliable and easy-to-use wireless control to every aspect of daily life, including home appliances, consumer electronics, healthcare, and energy use, to name just a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable* wireless mesh networking technology that allows a wide array of devices in and around the home to communicate including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centres and security systems. Z-Wave brings many benefits to everyday life including remote home monitoring, home healthcare, safety and security, and energy conservation. Z-Wave certified products are currently available from leading consumer brands in more than 600 products worldwide. For more information about Z-Wave please visit 

    About The Z-Wave Alliance: 
    The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 160 companies worldwide who use the Z-Wave technology in their products and services. Alliance members collaborate on the advancement of the Z-Wave technology and on solutions in market areas including; smart home, smart energy, security, remote home management, hospitality, and aging independently. The Alliance operates an interoperability and coexistence test lab that is open to Alliance members and non-members. For more information please email or visit 

    More Information: 
    Z-Wave Alliance 
    1778 McCarthy Blvd. 
    Milpitas, CA 95035 

    Mary Miller 
    Marketing Director

    PR Agency: 
    Sprengel & Partner GmbH 
    Nisterstrasse 3 
    56472 Nisterau 

    Fabian Sprengel 
    Tel.: +49 (26 61) 912 600 
    Fax: +49 (26 61) 912 6013
  • Monday, March 19, 2012 9:08 AM | Michele Glasser

    The Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop is composed of nine interactive lessons designed to help new small business owners learn their tax rights and responsibilities. 

    For more small business audio and video presentations from the IRS you can visit the  IRS Video Portal.

  • Thursday, March 15, 2012 12:27 PM | Michele Glasser
    IR-2012-33, March 13, 2012

    WASHINGTON undefined With business tax-filing deadlines fast approaching, the Internal Revenue Service today encouraged small employers that provide health insurance coverage to their employees to check out the small business health care tax credit and then claim it if they qualify.

    The recently-revamped Small Business Health Care Tax Credit page on is packed with information and resources designed to help small employers see if they qualify for the credit and then figure it correctly. These include a step-by-step guide for determining eligibility, examples of typical tax savings under various scenarios, answers to frequently-asked questions, a YouTube video and a webinar.

    The small business health care tax credit was included in the Affordable Care Act enacted two years ago. Small employers that pay at least half of the premiums for employee health insurance coverage under a qualifying arrangement may be eligible for this credit. The credit is specifically targeted to help small businesses and tax-exempt organizations provide health insurance for their employees.

    Depending upon how they are structured, eligible small employers are likely subject to one of the following three tax-filing deadlines, which fall in coming weeks:

    March 15: Corporations that file on a calendar year basis can figure the credit on Form 8941 and claim it as part of the general business credit on Form 3800, both of which are attached to their corporate income tax return.
    April 17: Individuals have until April 17 to complete and file their returns on Form 1040. This includes Sole proprietors, as well as people who have business income reported to them on Schedules K-1undefinedpartners in partnerships, S corporation shareholders and beneficiaries of estates and trusts. They also attach Forms 8941 and 3800 to their return. The resulting credit is entered on Form 1040 Line 53.
    May 15: Tax-exempt organizations that file on a calendar year basis can use Form 8941 and then claim the credit on Form 990-T, Line 44f.
    Taxpayers needing more time to determine eligibility should consider obtaining an automatic tax-filing extension, usually for six months. See Form 4868 for individuals, Form 7004 and its instructions for businesses and Form 8868 for tax-exempt organizations.

    Businesses that have already filed and later find that they qualified in 2010 or 2011 can still claim the credit by filing an amended return for one or both years. Corporations use Form 1120X, individuals use Form 1040X and tax-exempt organizations use Form 990-T.

    Some businesses and tax-exempt organizations that already locked into health insurance plan structures and contributions may not have had the opportunity to make any needed adjustments to qualify for the credit for 2010 or 2011. These employers can still make the necessary changes to their health insurance plans so they qualify to claim the credit on 2012 returns or in years beyond. Eligible small employers can claim the credit for 2010 through 2013 and for two additional years beginning in 2014.

    Additional information about eligibility requirements and figuring the credit can be found on

  • Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:15 AM | Michele Glasser

    IRS Tax Tip 2012-16, January 25, 2012

    There are many benefits that come from being your own boss. If you work for yourself, as an independent contractor, or you carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor, you are generally considered to be self-employed.

    Here are six key points the IRS would like you to know about self-employment and self- employment taxes:

    1. Self-employment can include work in addition to your regular full-time business activities, such as part-time work you do at home or in addition to your regular job.

    2. If you are self-employed you generally have to pay self-employment tax as well as income tax. Self-employment tax is a Social Security and Medicare tax primarily for individuals who work for themselves. It is similar to the Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from the pay of most wage earners. You figure self-employment tax using a Form 1040 Schedule SE. Also, you can deduct half of your self-employment tax in figuring your adjusted gross income.

    3. You file an IRS Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, or C-EZ, Net Profit from Business, with your Form 1040.

    4. If you are self-employed you may have to make estimated tax payments. This applies even if you also have a full-time or part-time job and your employer withholds taxes from your wages. Estimated tax is the method used to pay tax on income that is not subject to withholding. If you fail to make quarterly payments you may be penalized for underpayment at the end of the tax year.

    5. You can deduct the costs of running your business. These costs are known as business expenses. These are costs you do not have to capitalize or include in the cost of goods sold but can deduct in the current year.

    6. To be deductible, a business expense must be both ordinary and necessary. An ordinary expense is one that is common and accepted in your field of business. A necessary expense is one that is helpful and appropriate for your business. An expense does not have to be indispensable to be considered necessary.

    For more information see the Self-employment Tax Center, IRS Publication 334, Tax Guide for Small Business, IRS Publication 535, Business Expenses and Publication 505, Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax, available at or by calling the IRS forms and publications order line at 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

  • Monday, January 16, 2012 12:47 PM | Michele Glasser
    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    ELAN leverages its nearly two-decade relationship with Lutron by extending its integration with Lutron's newest offerings for Europe, Asia and beyond.

    AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - Strengthening its nearly two-decade relationship with Lutron, ELAN® Home Systems today announced that its ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System software version 5.4 will support the new international version of Lutron's HomeWorks QS total home control system.

    According to Joe Lautner, ELAN Product Manager and Business Development, "ELAN products have been working with Lutron systems for the better part of two decades, and now our integration with the new international HomeWorks QS control system proves that the best just keeps getting better. Dealers and customers all around the world can now combine the latest in lighting and shading automation from Lutron with the best in home entertainment and control with the ELAN g! system. And it's the easiest integration in the industry-with one click in the ELAN g! Configurator, all of the loads, keypads and programming from the Lutron system are automatically populated in the g! Configurator."

    Once an integrator installs and programs a Lutron RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS System, the ELAN g! system imports the data from the Lutron system. Once imported, the integrator can pick and choose what they want to display on any of the g! user interfaces. ELAN provides templates to match the Lutron in-wall keypads so the integrator can simply drop any keypad onto the g! user interface and it will behave the same way as the Lutron in-wall keypad.

    The integrator can then add automation for the lights to turn on and off based on preset schedules or activity-based events such as arming or disarming the security system, motion detection, driveway sensors and more. The g! software also makes it easy to create additional scenes that can be controlled from any g! interface and are unique from the scenes driven by the Lutron in-wall keypads.

    The g! software version 5.4 includes enhanced support for Lutron's Sivoia QS shade control, offering homeowners more control for improved energy management, safety, comfort and convenience. It also integrates Lutron's new temperature control products.

    Lutron's HomeWorks QS system integrates the control of all your lights, interior and exterior, and regulates a home's daylight with window shade control. The system integrates with other manufacturers' audio/visual and HVAC controls for broader control of your home environment, and it does all of that while saving energy. So you're not only choosing a system that will redefine your way of living, you're also investing in a system which can pay for itself over the life of your home.

    The ELAN g! Control System provides users with the most uniform and intuitive icon-based control from their favorite devices including TVs, touchscreens, touchpads, PCs, iPhones and iPads. The standardized interface works across platforms, so that the trendy g!Mobile app users love on the iPhone appears and works similarly on ELAN touchscreens, valets and handheld remotes as well as users' televisions and mobile devices. And the system's IP backbone makes it just as easy to control the system from across the room - or across the globe.

    Individual "apps" for each subsystem allow the user to control security, climate, lighting, media, irrigation, pool/spa, messaging, video and photos with the flick of a finger. Access is fast and secure through any ELAN home interface or globally with mobile Internet enabled devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Netbooks and PC Tablets. Since the intuitive interface empowers users with personalized scheduling and detailed history views, high consumption subsystems like lighting and climate can be closely monitored and managed for a greener lifestyle - and substantial energy savings.

    About Lutron Electronics:
    Lutron Electronics, headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures energy-saving lighting controls, automated window treatments and appliance modules for both residential and commercial applications. Its innovative, intuitive products can be used to control everything from a single light, to every light, shade and even standby power in a home or commercial building. Lutron products make any space more versatile while enhancing ambiance, comfort and productivity. They also save energy and make light bulbs last longer, making them an eco-friendly addition to the home and workplace. Founded in 1961, Lutron estimates that the installed base of its products saves the nation nearly 10 billion kWh of electricity, or approximately $1 billion in utility costs per year. Lutron manufactures more than 16,000 energy-saving products sold in more than 100 countries around the world. To learn more, visit

    About ELAN Home Systems:
    Since 1990 ELAN® Home Systems has been an industry leading manufacturer of innovative, award-winning Multi-Room audio/video systems. ELAN systems were the first to integrate audio, video, phones and third-party products to create a seamless, easy-to-use "whole house" solution. ELAN systems and products are distributed through a comprehensive channel of select Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States, Canada and more than 58 countries worldwide. ELAN Home Systems is part of The AVC Group. To learn more, visit

    About The AVC Group, LLC:
    Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, The AVC Group, LLC ( ) is a portfolio of pre-eminent manufacturers and marketers of state-of-the-art consumer and commercial audio, video, and control system solutions. The AVC Group is comprised of the following industry leading brands: NILES® Audio ( ), ELAN® Home Systems ( ), Xantech® ( ), ATON® ( ), and Sunfire® ( ). The AVC Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc.'s ( ) Home Technology Group.

    Press Contact for ELAN
    Bob Griffin
    Griffin Integrated Communications
    260 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    Tel: 212-481-3456 ext. 16
    Email: Bob Griffin


  • Tuesday, December 20, 2011 12:08 PM | Michele Glasser

    Press Release
    Media Contact Info

    Scott Moody, Marketing Matters
    Phone: 954-925-1511
    Clare Controls Adds Digital Sales Group NY as Manufacturers Sales Rep

    Manufacturers sales rep brings Clare Controls' products to dealers throughout New York and New Jersey

    Sarasota, Fla. – December 20, 2011 – Clare Controls, a provider of configurable and intuitive automated systems for residential and commercial applications, has announced the appointment of Digital Sales Group NY to serve as a manufacturers sales representative. Digital Sales Group NY will market Clare Controls products including ClareHome, the first home automation system managed from the cloud and run on a Mac, and ClareVision, an IP video surveillance solution that provides built-in analytics, easy scalability and a wide assortment of end user control options for residential and commercial applications, to dealers throughout New York and New Jersey.

    "Dave Silkin and the team at Digital Sales Group NY are among the best when it comes to understanding the unique needs of dealers," said Brett Price, founder and CEO of Clare Controls. "We're thrilled to bring Digital Sales Group NY onboard as one of our manufacturers' sales reps, and look forward to working with them to bring Clare Controls products and services to dealers in New York and New Jersey."

    "Clare Controls' products offer incredible opportunities for dealers to improve the efficiency with which they install, deploy and maintain home automation solutions, while simultaneously increasing the level of control their end-users have over their systems," said Dave Silkin, principal of Digital Sales Group NY. "Our team looks forward to working with Clare Controls to illustrate how powerful and beneficial these products are to dealers."

    For more information on Clare Controls, visit For more information on Digital Sales Group NY, visit

    About Clare Controls
    Clare Controls is a provider of solutions that streamline the integration, maintenance and monitoring of sophisticated home automation systems. Clare products are deployed locally in customer sites and administered remotely via cloud-based technologies that maximize dealer efficiency while providing unprecedented customer control. For more information on Clare Controls, visit

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